Monday, September 9, 2013

A Fresh New School Year!

Wow! It has been a whirlwind of a start to the new school year. I have 18 new students that are eager to learn. I went into school a week before teachers in my district were supposed to start and I still have a ton of reorganization in my future. I was at least able to get my closet mostly back in order after last summer series of break-ins. I still have my office left but I'll tackle that on teacher work days and after school. The best part about being forced to go through all of my files and put them back in order is that I have been able to get rid of a ton of things that I don't use anymore. I have also been able to see what was stolen and have posted multiple projects on donors choose. Below is a snapshot through pictures of how my year has been going so far. Enjoy!

Open House

 The bags are filled with gently used books.

I found this awesome welcome back party pack on pinterest.  See my facebook page for the link to get it for FREE.

The super cute polka dot curtains I made that I'm in love with.

 I relocated my word wall to a hard to reach whiteboard that sits above the students cubbies.

My new shape posters from From the Pond.  I think it looks like a framed art wall.

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