Thursday, July 5, 2012

Technology Toolbox: youblisher

Once a week I would like to have some teacher tech talk with all of you bloggers out there in blogland. I LOVE technology and there are sooooo many great sites and new ones being created each day.  I have an addiction to apps and techy sites just like I have an addition to shopping and beauty products (I have over 70 nail polishes and growing) just sayin'.

I have a long list of new and old sites I want to try for the first time or incorporate more often in my teaching this year. I think I'm going to use evernote to keep track of sites I want to use so I can actually remember to use them, lol!

I'm going to start the talk off with a site that is new to me. In fact I discovered today through Jessica Meacham's wonderful website.  You can go to her site and click on updates and look at her awesome non-fiction text features book her class made.  It's so super cute and very functional!  It got my wheels turning and I was thinking, this is a great alternative way to publish student work and class books.  It's on the internet at all times and the parents can always have access to what we are writing about and doing in class.  Plus they can print the book if they so choose.

The name of the site is youblisher
This is a FREE site that lets you turn any PDF into a publication with virtual pages that flip like a real book.  This seems like a fun way to end the units of study or to keep a virtual binder of all those anchor charts.   

Have you heard of or used this site before?  If so I would like to hear from you.  Let me know what you think of this site by leaving a comment or a link to some of your publications.  I love to get inspired by other teachers.  I will also share my thoughts and projects made using the site this school year.