Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Shopping: Quirky Date Stamp

As I was shopping today again for my classroom, I came across what I thought was a regular old date stamp.

 It turns out that you have the option to put quirky sayings on the paper when stamping the date.  So, I flipped it over and thought...

sayings are in order:

1. (I Love This) Awww, I could use this when stamping the date on their writing pieces.

2. (Hot Mess) I wish I could stamp this on some of their writing pieces.

3. (Oh, Snap!) Could be cute to stamp on their work when they catch on to a strategy when followed by something positive example: Oh Snap! Better Job on finding the part you know in a word.

4. (To Do) Could be used when they don't finish their work in the given time frame.  That way I (and the parents) know that they needed more time on their work. Or could be followed up with To Do At Home.

5. (*smashed) I know this stamp was made for a smashbook so this one won't translate to the classroom.  Not useable!

6. (Mad Props) Could be cute to stamp on their work when they have improved significantly.  Could be followed up with Mad Props on using capital letters at the beginning of your sentence.

7. (That Warrants a Fist Pump) This one is my favorite!  So cute to put on their paper for doing outstanding work.

8. (Today Is) This one needs no explanation as it is always useful.

9. (Blank Space) Very useful.

10. (Stolen) I can't see a use for this one.  If you guys think of one let me know.

11. (*blank rectangle) Could be used to write a comment or leave a numbered rubric score.

I picked this up at Michaels and used a 50% off coupon so it was only $2.50.  8 out of the 11 sayings are useable (to me) and I think that's money well spent!
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