Friday, July 27, 2012

Organization: Welcome Folders

This idea was inspired by
On the site they used the folders for Open House but I tweaked it and made it for welcoming students at anytime of the year.  This way I will always have all the necessary information on hand when I get new students throughout the year.

I used to have all of my info stapled together for a "quickie" welcome packet but a folder can be hung on the refrigerator or put in a home office with other important papers.  I also like the idea of the parents keeping track of my weekly newsletters to reference when needed along with other important school news.

Here are a couple pictures of the cover I made and a few of the things inside (I plan to copy the cover for the folder on golden rod paper because our school colors are burgundy & gold.)  I customized all of my welcome letters, brochures, etc. to fit my specific class needs.  My brochure is modeled after Jessica Meacham's first grade brochure because I loved the flow.  The donors choose letter is my own creation and I plan to take it around to local businesses.  I am still working on updating my welcome letter, homework handbook, wishlist, newsletters, and volunteer letter.

Welcome Folders

 Enlarged for details

Welcome Brochure
The brochure will be copied back to back and folded.

Donors Choose Letter

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