Monday, July 23, 2012

Organization: First-Aid Bag & Freebies

I have linked up with 4th grade Frolics for made it Monday.

I actually made this back in 2005 (but I think it still counts because I did make it myself).  Please excuse the messy sewing job...I have improved since I made this project.

I cut out red felt for the letters and white felt for the cross, then sewed it on a small bookbag I got from the dollar store.  I chose the color red so it looked like a real first-aid bag.

I like having the bookbag because the "special person" of the week gets to be responsible for it during their time.  They bring it outside when we have recess, give "aide" during classtime so I won't be disturbed during small group instruction or when I'm conferencing, and carry it when we go on field trips.  They are also responsible to letting me know if the supplies are low or out so I can replace them.

Let me tell you, kindergarteners take this job seriously!  Some years I laugh when I hear a student assessing another students "booboo."  It helps cut down on band-aids being wasted because I teach them when the use of a band-aid is really needed.

Below are pictures of the bag I created and some of the content inside.  Click here to get the first-aid checklist click here to get the booboo lotion labels and click here to get the accident report free!  The accident report is something I fill out and send home with the parents so they know their child was hurt.

*Boo Boo lotion is just regular lotion that they rub on when they don't have an open wound or a real Boo Boo but insist they need "something on it" to make it feel better* 


Here is my newly revised accident report.  I made it checklist style (so filling it out is fast and easy) and tried to include everything I could think of that could possibly happen.  You can edit this document if you want to remove/add something to fit your classroom specific needs.

*Note:  the format will be off when you download this document because you need to change the title fonts.  Please highlight the title and change the size and font.

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