Sunday, July 15, 2012

Classroom Decor: Pulling It All Together So Far

Here are some things that I bought or will buy soon to redesign my classroom with the gray and yellow color scheme with black and white accents.  

Items I Bought So Far:
Fabric Keychain Lanyard Wristlet (because my keys always fall out of my pocket)
Border (will be the same throughout the room)
All of my bulletin boards will have the same black paper and border.
Gray pom poms (made of tulle so it won't fade and tear)
Yellow pocket charts (I was so excited when I realized they sold this color!)
*Gray and yellow double sided chevron bunting see post here.  (Sidenote: Yes I sew but I was too busy lazy to make them plus my husband broke my sewing machine and it isn't going to be ready for at least another week or longer). 
Heavy Duty Paper Trays (to collect center work)

 Yellow plastic paper trays from Target (they are in the deal section right now)

Storage Ottomans (to make a quiet reading area) I got the solid gray ones.

Next On My List:
 This awesome fabric to make new curtains. (once my sewing machine is back up and running).

Other Purchases:
 I have also bought tons and tons of picture books that I will be blogging about as the school year starts up.

A quick project I will be doing this week is dying my clothes pins black with Rit.  See how they came out here.   The following picture was taken from Pinterest.
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