Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting Pumped Up!

This week I went to a writing workshop through my district. It pumped me up even more for next year. I am in the process of reading many professional development books this summer (see picture). I can't wait to share my findings with you as I read these wonderful books.

There are three more I am also interested in getting: In pictures and in words teaching the qualities of good writing through illustration study, guided math a framework for mathematics instruction, and smarter charts K-2 optimizing an instructional staple to create independent readers and writers.

I've been busy like so many other teachers getting ready for next year (when I'm not taking a nap). This week I am going to start making/buying things to decorate my classroom as well as revise my assessment binders, welcome brochure, and newsletters. Be on the look out for freebies!

I have a real classroom this year (not the conference room without a bathroom and storage)and I've decided that I was going to start fresh this year with a new color scheme and decor. The first grade teacher that will be using my old room really wanted my old curtains I made in 2005. They were blue, and so were a lot of things in my old room. My old color scheme was blue, green, and yellow. I love the way blue looks in the classroom but I am going to try a new color scheme to mix things up for a change.

After a lot of deliberations with my husband that could care less about a color scheme, I decided to go with the colors of my blog that I adore so much. Grey and yellow will be the main colors. Those colors to me are; tranquil, modern, and timeless. I get bored with themes easily (like when I had a rooster themed kitchen at my house) yet I loved the way my old classroom color scheme pulled everything together.

I am not 100% sure about the accent colors yet, but right now it looks like soft green, black, and white are big contenders. White is in there by default because I'm going to have chevron bunting. I will probably keep the sunflowers I had from the past. They are yellow after all right? lol! However, I'm going to make pomanders to go with the table numbers. I have a l-o-n-g list of things to do this summer but I know it will all come together one project at a time.
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