Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello Spring!

Spring is so much fun with units on insects, flowers, farm and more.  At my school my team has covered plants and insects so far.  I also do other units during spring that are a blast to teach.  My students did mini units on kites and clouds for example.  There is sooooo much you can teach about during the springtime.


This is one of the few interactive charts I made and kept over the years.  The students still love it during shared reading and at centers.  The blank space is for an adjective.

 kite template and yarn for the string.

Kite template from the mailbox magazine
 This is an interactive chart that I gave away.  It goes with the book It looked like spilt milk.
Butterfly from Dwayne Khon
Flower project from Dwayne Kohn
                                         Descriptive writing about their flower.
                                                    Happy Belated Easter!
                                                          Treat bags
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