Sunday, March 25, 2012

Organization: Stamps

I have a lot of theme stamps for centers and my "teacher stamps."   Before I would put them in ziplock bags, but I wanted to be able to see what designs I had & I wanted a neater way to store them.  I love organizing even though you couldn't tell that from the current condition of my classroom (I started late in the year and didn't have time to space plan).  I store large and small stamps in containers from Jo-Ann or Michaels that can be purchased with 40% and 50% off coupons. 

Side Note: Don't forget Jo-Ann gives teachers a discount card for 15% off.  Michaels will also give teachers a discount.  There is no card, you just have to tell them you are a teacher or show some form of school ID or check stub.
This large photo container holds six smaller containers.
I will add a 2x4 label on the front at a later time.
This container is for photos but it is also the perfect size for stamps and little ink pads.  I plan on adding two more little ink pads.
The back of the container has the info from the stamp set (how many & images).  I just taped it on.  This helps me track which one is missing (if that happens).
This container is larger for my big and tall "teacher" stamps.  This one has thick plastic and the snap on the lid is good.   I like it a lot.
open view
This one is cheaper and the plastic is not as strong.  Also the lid pops open easier and they spill out when I grab it, AN-NOY-ING!
I also plan on making a stamp inventory sheet to prevent myself from buying the same set twice.  I will post it if I can make one generic enough for everyone to use.  If I can't make it general enough I will just post mine so you can get an idea of how I track my stamp sets.

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