Sunday, March 18, 2012

More On St. Patty's Day

There are so many fun activities to do on St Patrick's Day. I have my year to year favorites but this year I bought some new units to change things up a bit.  Below are pictures of old and new things.

This project was Kim Adsit inspired from her website years ago (Ms. Weaks is my maiden name).  I made the white paper that they write their number sentence on.  The other pieces came from doing a web search for a leprechaun template.  This was years ago and I'm not sure if it is still available.  I have the students make the legs in an AB pattern to add more math skills.
  After completing a lucky charms graph and question sheet I gave my students treat bags filled with the yummy cereal to take home.
After reading Jamie O' Rourke and the big potato I followed up with activities from Miss Kindergarten unit called "spud"tacular March Activities-St. patrick's Day Fun! and you can get your copy here.  This was a new unit for me this year and I really liked it a lot.  We also made a, How Do You Eat Your Spuds? graph.
I also bought First Grade Blue Skies unit called Let's make a Leprechaun and it can be purchased here.  It had a lot of fun things directly related to the Jamie O' Rourke stories.  Below is a graph from her unit.
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