Monday, March 12, 2012

Lion Writing

I love writing projects.  We were on the letter "L" not so long ago when my students made these cute lions.  The body template is from the book Zipping Around the Zoo and the mane is a small paper plate colored with a crayon, cut, and flared out.

The paper plate was my idea because it was faster than cutting strips of construction paper and curling them with a pencil as the book suggested.  We're already doing this to make our leprechauns this week so I didn't want to do it twice.

Next year I will make the students draw the face with a black crayon because it was a little hard to see the pencil.  I didn't want to cut all the construction paper pieces for the face as the book also suggested.  I'm always looking for a shortcut...

The students wrote lion facts on the body. 

This student wrote: "They eat meat."

 This student wrote: "They run.  They run fast."

 This student wrote:  "They have a tail.  They play.  They roar."

This student wrote: "They have a tan."
 OMG you got to love kindergarteners to appreciate this one!

The book I used is by Kimberly Jordano and Tebra Corcoran.  Kim is one of my favorites :-)

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